My 1st trip with friends to Goa

It was the 24th of  Jan and at 10 o clock we came out of our hostels. We had a train to catch at 1:30 in the night from Udupi railway station.  Since we had our seats reserved, there was no problem. We reached the station quite early to avoid the last minute hassle. We had to pass our time, so we climbed the foot over bridge and had a chat for a long time.  The train came 5 minutes early! I was surprised by its punctuality and we got in. I was very tired so i left my sandals and immediately dozed off in my berth. Goa is 6 hours from Manipal (Udupi)by train(Netravathi Express).  We reached Tivim station at 7:15 in the morning. It was very cold outside. The station had only 2 tracks.. with one foot over bridge. Tivim is in North Goa and is the closest station to the beaches in North Goa. We hired a taxi to go to Baga beach in the morning. Since we haven’t planned for accommodation, we made the taxi driver search for guest houses near the beach. We finally left our luggage at a nameless guest house near Baga beach, whose owner asked us to come by 10:30 as there were people who were about to leave the room by then.

After leaving the room and description of  my 1st day in Goa in the next post.


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