2nd day and end of trip

On 25th, we woke up to a fresh start and planned to visit Panjim and the churches in Old Goa. So, in the morning, we took a bus from Baga to Calangute, then a bus to Panjim, then a bus to Old Goa. The bus to Old Goa from Panjim gave us beautiful views of the river. There were cruise ships on the river and they were magnificent. In Old Goa, there were two churches on either side of the main road. We visited the age old St. Francis Xavier’s church which had the coffin of St Francis Xavier. The dome of the church was shaped in the form of an octagon. I learnt that the first coffin was made of  pinewood as the wood was light to carry. Presently, we can see only crystal coffin. Photography of people is strictly prohibited but photography of the paintings, pillars and statues was allowed. Tourists are not allowed inside the Archbishop’s room which is just beside the coffin. My friend explained to me the meanings of many paintings in the church. We also bought candles to light in the church. Next we went to the church of Bom Jesus which was equally good as the previous church. There is a prayer hall as you enter and silence was to be maintained in the hall. We silently clicked photos of the church and came outside where my friends lit the candles. Then immediately we got into a bus and reached Panjim where we had lunch. I spent some time after lunch in the Mermaid Garden where I met an Italian lady who spoke to me about how she likes India and Goa. We proceeded to the bus station to go to Dona Paula, from where you can see the entire Panjim city. It was situated on a rocky little hill. We spent time clicking photos again and returned to the bus stop to catch a bus back to Baga. At night, we left for Panjim as we had a bus to Udupi at 20:30. It was a gr8 trip.


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