Party on valentine’s evening

It was the ‘lakeview restaurant’.. it was a candle light dinner.. the ambience was romantic… we were 20 guys.. my friend Aditya had won the first prize in the ‘Energia’ event at IIT Kharagpur’s technical fest Kshitij 2010. It was a party to celebrate his victory.  Avanish, Ashwarya, Sean, Sarat, Shashi, Akshat, Ravi, Harman, Sanjeev, Ayan, Soumyadipta, Akshay, Ashutosh, Vaibhav, Siddhant, Adeeb are my classmates who came to the party. They discussed about the GATE exam which many of them gave earlier that day.  It has been a very long time since I attended any real parties with so many people. I usually go out only with my group but this party was very special because my friend who won the event is very close to me. It was a great party and we all had a good time. We walked back to our hostels and I slept as soon as I came. I was very tired.


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