“Aman ki kiran “

aman ki aasha karo

shanti ka chihn bano

manavtha ka dharm nibhao

aatankvaad ko door mitao

shanthi ki kamna rakho

khushi ka mahaul failao

sabhi ka dil jeeto

aatankvaad ko door mitao

duniya ka naksha badlo

aye manav, tera yeh kartavya hai

dar ko man se door bhagao

khuda hi tumhari raksha hai

aman hi apni kaksha hai

Poem written by me in Hindi

I have written this poem in order to tell everyone that we are responsible for our own deeds. So it is our duty to be vigilant of any suspicious activity that happens around you, especially people in metropolitan cities and other towns which have become prone to attacks.  It is our responsibility if we are suspcious about some unclaimed baggage and we don’t report immediately to the cops. So be human and save lives by just keeping a watch wherever you go. Its sickening to notice how there unfriendly people have taken control of our lives.  Maintain a friendly company wherever you work or study and do not let people you do not know influence your lives.


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