Cool imaginations

1. Just imagine earphones are allowed to colleges and while class is going on and when teacher is facing the blackboard, all students suddenly insert earphones and face the teacher, what would be the prof’s reaction?? Funny right.. 🙂

2.Just imagine that you are in a city bus and sitting beside a random unknown person, and suddenly start acting as if you r asleep and start drooling over him, what would be his reaction??

3.Imagine you have a pup at home and u train it such that it ‘pees’ over anybody who comes to your house. Once a very important  person has come to meet ur dad.. and he got ‘peed’ by ur pup.. awkward situation i guess..

4. You go to console your friend because he/she had a bad accident and u remember the day when he fell in a muddy puddle and started crying.. .. so you start laughing loud enough before your friend.. who is hurt and in immense pain…

5.You go for a marriage of your parent’s colleague whom you know well but you act in his/her marriage as if you do not know who he/she is..

6.You throw banana peels in front of your neighbour’s house and he/she slips and falls and you go help him/her.. you feel happy within because he/she has been mean to you but you act as if you are sorry for your neighbour .. hehe

7.You know that the class is boring and the teacher has no scope of teaching better than that.. so you ask him a very difficult question to answer which, he needs a lot of time.. the bell rings and your mission is achieved…. or you keep checking time in front of the professor every “2 minutes” so that he gets annoyed…

I know I have a great imagination.. comments welcome.. even negative comments..


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