Pre-birthday party and a talk I attended

I went to my friend Sean’s house for his party. Many of my classmates came there too. His home is named ‘Shiloh’. Its a beautiful house. Its huge and very neat. Sean’s mother greeted us and she served us so many dishes and we were so full that we couldn’t have any more food. We were watching the IPL match between Kings XI and Kolkata Knightriders in the TV. It was after a very long time that I was watching a cricket match in a TV. We simultaneously talked about our labs, teachers, electives for next sem, how we hated/liked our previous semester teachers. It was mostly non-sense talk and I didn’t enjoy the talk much. Earlier in the evening I attended the “GSM workshop” organised by the IE EnC, that’s my branch club.  A professor Muralidhar Kulkarni came from NITK to give the talk and he told us that we should not merely use the applications available with GSM but try to develop new and better ways to make the communication through mobiles more effective. He was an awesome orator but due to the time constraints, he had to leave early. Anyway, GSM cannot be taught in a 4 hrs lecture as the IE EnC thought. It was a lame idea to have a talk without going into the deeper details about the working of call handover etc. He just highlighted the new mobile technologies and told us what improvements and merges can be done to make communication better. I wanted to share this because Mobile communications is a very exciting field and the 21st century is mostly if not totally about the Cellular revolution. Our University MAHE cultural fest UTSAV is from 30th April and I’ll have half days. It’ll be exhilarating to watch all constituent universities of Manipal articipating together. Though I was not able to apply in time to volunteer for Utsav, I’m going to enjoy my last Utsav in Manipal.


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