An eventful day

TodaY WHEN i WOKe up, I never thought that I would reach the semi-finals of the Tata crucible quiz that’s being held for the first time In Manipal. I told my classmate Sean that I want him to take part with me in the quiz, he too didn’t think that the afternoon would be an unforgettable experience. I went to the Library Auditorium at 1 o clock as the time for the quiz was 1. It didn’t begin still. One of my friend’s went on criticising me for coming to take part in the quiz but I just ignored his words and sat down to take a shot at the 1st round questions along with Sean. The quiz master was called ‘Pickbrain’ and I dunno what’s the reason for that name. And lo! I was able to answer a few questions even though I hadn’t read any business articles or had that great a knowledge about current business affairs, etc. I attended the NTPC Electron Quiz in Hyderabad during my holidays and I found that the standard of the Tata Crucible Quiz was not different from the Electron Quiz. I, who was not able to answer even a single question at the Electron Quiz though I remembered reading about some of the concepts behind some questions somewhere, and that too vaguely, was today able to answer a few, though easy questions very easily. And when the so called ‘Pickbrain’ called out the teams who have qualified directly for the semifinals through the wild card entry and when he took my name first to call upon the stage, I was dumbstruck. I didn’t even move from my seat till my partner started to push me.  And the worst part is that my other friend at the quiz did not get to the semifinals. Though we were eliminated in the semi finals, it gave me some amount  of satisfaction. I now am motivated to take part in Tata crucible quiz and will take part next year also. Thanks Tata for providing me an opportunity to expand my horizons.

Lesson I learnt today: Never under estimate yourself, you might turn out to be better than your worst fears.


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