My first two flute months

I started learning to play the flute about two months ago. When I began my classes, I was very frustrated at the way the instrument is to be handled. Its just practice and more practice that takes to get sound from the flute at the beginning. But now, I’m used to it and am able to concentrate more on the speeds rather than generating sound. Its a pretty difficult instrument and you feel like giving up early, but if you are interested, do not leave it. Its a very divine instrument, gifted to us by the Lord Himself. It is very pleasant to hear to the music from a flute and over practice will cause you feel suffocated in the beginning. Its my personal experience and not in general. So I give breaks between my practice sessions. To get proper sound, cover the holes completely with the fingers. That’s a mistake which people make often in the beginning, so did I.   Try practising the fingering technique though you do not touch the instrument. There are several kinds of flutes which produce a variety of sounds, varying from loud and clear to deep.


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