“Road to Sangam”- A believable fiction movie

The story of the movie travels around a protagonist, who is a rational thinker, politically correct and who feels that work is worship. People from his community think that working against the Mosque’s orders is equivalent to insulting God and the religion itself (funny how ppl get such ideas). The movie deals with how this person believes in what he does and brings about a change in his community people’s hearts and minds through his simple yet effective Gandhian way.  A wonderful story which depicts an ideal situation. In reality people just get enraged very fast when the matter of religion arises. The people in the movie seem to have soft hearts and react not too violently as we see in real life. The message conveyed is beautiful and if you are not in tears at the end of this movie with patriotic feelings, you’ll be surprised. A great watch, this is in line with Rang De Basanti according to me. Must watch for the younger generation who do not understand the Gandhian way correctly.


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