Assignments, Project, deadlines…

My abstract on RFID has been selected for an online paper presentation contest being conducted by a company John Deere, Bangalore. I have taken the views of my faculty in finding out if my idea in the abstract is workable on a large scale. My lecturers have provided me with good insight and motivated me to continue working on the paper. The deadline for submission is 11th April. Assigments are out after every sessional and its the standard assignment timetable of my college. So with these, all the time is being consumed. And then, there’s a mini-project to be done in a group and submitted before the 3rd internal. It’s a microcontroller based project and I’m doing it with 3 other classmates. It is a MC based ring tone player. The circuit seems pretty simple and I’m almost done with soldering the circuit on the board. We have to test the code and check the output. I’m hopeful it will give a good result and bring me out of the frustration and depression I’ve been facing lately.  🙂


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