In pursuit of being human

I have lived 10 years of my life in which I’ve been trying to understand what people actually mean when they say something. Recently I’ve become aware of the kinds of things that people say are just to pretend that they are actually saying what we want to hear. Its not truth that is reflected in their speech. Its confirmation that people want, when they speak to you, about what they are trying to express. According to my observation, people talk in order to protect their true thoughts. They do not want to reveal what they actually think. They are saying what you want to hear. Its a method of convincing sweetly, but most of us do not realise that they are taking advantage of us. I had an experience early today in the morning, where I felt that the relations which we think are strong are not in actuality that strong. We help people who are in distress and we do not expect anything in return from them except some respect in the future. That they are on our side when a storm strikes us. People these days have even forgotten the simplest of all feelings, i e recognising a person when he’s alive. When you do not get the recognition for a gr8 jo you’ve done, you get irritated and wonder what the purpose of such a life might be. We often tend to get negative thoughts into our minds. But instead, it would be better if we thought everything that has happened and that’s happening is for a greater good.
Having positive attitude in life is very important and I have learnt this by practice. I’ve stopped becoming fussy and stopped reacting to others’ offensive remarks on me. I have a very noble purpose in life and I’m in pursuit of achieving that purpose. No matter how many hurdles I’m going to face I’ll live life the way I want to. Its a great experience from life that I’ve learnt.


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