Hussain Sagar- behave responsibly

Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad has been declared as a plastic-free zone. But will this solve the problem of the lake? Will people stop littering the lake with plastic bags? It is the duty of the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad to ensure that the littering of the lake doesn’t take place again. We are aware that the lake is already prone to the Plaster of Paris idols during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival every year. This cannot be avoided as it would hurt the sentiments of the people. But what we can do during the rest of the year is to take care that plastic bags and other non-bio degradable materials are not littered around the lake. The lake is already bereft of any kind of bio-systems and it is evident that the lake gives out unbearable (stink)smell. Let us not make it any worse and do our job of cleansing it. Lets purge the smell and start fresh aquaculture i the lake. It is a beautiful lake in the center of the city. Lets act responsibly and save it for the future. Make it a duty to inform people to use dustbins instead of the lake as a dust bin. Educate people and tell them not to spit into the lake. You can inform higher authorities if the person is not giving in. Lets be rigid at least in case of our biosphere. We know how much damage we have alread caused by our activities. Please understand and pass on the message to everyone. Who’s with me?


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