The IPL saga- some outlook

The cricket tournaments are basically meant to provide entertainment to people, mainly watching television. The players give their best in the tournament, and that’s what appeals to the viewers. So whatever be the scenario, in order to promote sports, the players have to concentrate only on their innings. The attraction towards money or any other means/accessories should not veer the concentration of players. The players are being auctioned and bought by various Bollywood celebrities for their teams. Its good entertainment to watch the combination of Bollywood with cricket but it should not cause enmity between the co-stars and players from the same country. It is a welcome endeavour if the matches are played by the players with sportive spirit. But the intentions are cruel and are meant to hurt someone’s feelings then they should not be allowed to play. Careful selection of players and dedication to the team despite the lure of money is very important. The scandals which have risen during the IPL 3 are very disappointing. The involvement of a Minister of State in such an incident is highly shocking. It can lad to corruption in the future IPLs too. So its best to avoid the mingling of politicians with the Bollywood and sports fields. Politicians these days are always looking for means to make more money. Though they are practically non-existent in my view, it gives trouble watching them get greedy day by day. Even an educated politician falls the victim to corruption and bribery; this is totally unacceptable and we, as  citizens of a great country should not encourage such incidents in the future. We can take care by asking the Supreme Court to prevent the participation from politicians in any kinds of dealings in the IPLs in the future. Strict action should be taken against those who do not follow the judiciary. Our country is know for its moral principles and values. Lets not make people lose faith in our country because of such incidents.


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