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Home sweet home

23rd.. the dream day arrives I came home in the new Swift DZire elated and exhausted. My mom had a felicitation ceremony at Ravindra Bharathi, so she was not at home. She came in the afternoon and said that the function was a grand success. She works as a Senior Grade Annoncer in All India Radio, Hyderabad. She’s about to get retired this month end.  In the evening a pre-retirement party was organised by my mom’s colleagues at work in a newly opened restaurant called The Mooch. It is cosy for 10-15 people. One of my mom’s colleague’s celebrated his birthday at Mooch and we had a great time. Some of her lady colleagues recollected some old and famous Telugu songs and began singing. It was the first time I witnessed so many uncles and aunties sing at a party like this. We had the famous Double ka Meetha sweet after dinner with ice cream and departed. I was exhausted after having large amount of food. I rested on my cosy bed(which is now the floor because of the heat wave in Hyderabad) and looked forward to another great day of my holidays.



I am in Hyd right now for my holidays. M first day in Hyd began with a warm welcome my sis and dad gave in the new Swift DZire. It’s a great car and very spacious. I liked it a lot. More about it l8r. Now, about the day when I started my journey home…..

22nd May… the day I would never forget

Unfortunately the same morning i e 22nd morning, there was a plane crash at Bajpe airport(this is the name for Mangalore airport) and 160 people died. My friends who had to take flights that day were stranded at the airport and had to go by other means to their homes. It was raining in the morning and I didn’t expect something as ghastly as this to happen. Surprisingly, I sent my friend in order to overawe him that his flight might get cancelled due to the rain but my train would start on time. It so happened that his plane got cancelled altogether and I felt very awkward after getting to know this from Amitesh(that’s my friend at the airport whose flight got cancelled).

The train from Mangalore to Yeswantpur was pleasant and I didn’t get tired due to the beautiful picturesque setting trough which the train was passing. The valleys and hills that we can see from the train were awesome and I could even see the ghat road on which I traveled 3 years back while coming to Manipal at first (I never took the route later due to my hatred towards bus journey on ghat roads). I reached Yeshwantpur at 1925. The train was on time though it started 40 minutes late at Mangalore. It was raining in Yeshwantpur and I and my friend decided to have dinner n the time we had before our next train.   We had dinner in the plastic covers (on the platform) in which my friend had got the food packed from the restaurant. We then headed towards the much awaited destination of Hyderabad after 5 full months of a hectic semester (This was the longest sem so far for my batch- usually its 4 to 4.5 months long). The first day at Hyd in next post..

A corrupt nation

One movie that I have seen from the beginning to the end is “LEADER”. A truly inspiring movie. After watching this movie, even I feel like entering politics to eradicate corruption from my country. Sekhar Kammula is highly laudable for this film. It is the absolute and ultimate truth. I wish the state has such a leader one day.

I am willing to work towards the development of my country  by eradicating the corruption. We would no more have poor people if the money given by the Centre is spent wisely and correctly.  India is one of the most respected nations in the world and as a citizen I have a responsibility to make things right. It is sad that the people’s money is going into the pockets of greedy and corrupt politicians. Everybody starting  from the constable in the Police Station to the highest position of a Minister need money to get our work done. I wish the Anti Corruption Bureau follows stricter standards and conducts more and more raids so that all the illegal money is exposed. I wish to see a country which was idealized by the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. I request all the youth to follow the ideals of our great freedom fighters and shun corruption, bribery in any form. Please report the matter to the ACB and see to it that the person(s) responsible are brought to justice. I’m going to complain to the ACB about a person in Manipal Police Station who collected money from me and my friends for just doing his regular job of verification for giving a Police Clearance certificate. He initially said we had to pay 200/- each then asked us to give whatever we wished to give. It was clear he was asking money as a bribe for sending our documents to the next level. I hope the person is punished for looting from students.   Please do not encourage such people anywhere in your life. Any comments are welcome.


TSOL TI SI. I’ve been watching Lost for quite some time now and have developed a liking towards the series. It is a story about a plane crash in which people survive and end up on a deserted island not knowing even its location. They struggle to protect themselves. There are different kinds of people who face different situations. It shows you how to turn the toughest situations into favourable ones.  Its a great watch. Watch out for some wild boars in the jungle. A beautiful jungle beckons you. If you like adventure, this is it. Its filled with the pasts of people on the island, they’re waiting for someone to rescue them. I hope they do not come.

Nowhere to go, no person to care

I had my microcontroller exam yesterday and it went pretty bad. I gave my best but couldn’t write well. The day before the exam, I had to go to Udupi to get my Police clearance certificate because I’m doing my summer training in LRDE, a Dept. of defense organisation in Bangalore. I didn’t realise that this would be a tiringly long and frustrating process. We first went to the Udupi(District Headquarters) police station as directed by the people in Manipal Police Station. They say that the PCC will be given only at the SPO. We go to the SPO hoping we don’t have to go anywhere else. But we were wrong. The people at SPO are so irresponsible and dangerously slow. Despite saying that we  have our exam the next day, the guy at the counter was not speeding up the process. He has time to pick up calls and chit-chat with someone but he doesn’t proceed forward with our applications. And the worst thing is, they don’t even do their job properly. Initially when we went to the SPO, the guy said we will have to pay 250/- per head for the PCC. We were 4 people and didn’t know anything about paying money for collecting a PCC. So we had to finish the formalities and there was no lag from our side. The people at the SPO are very cruel and do not even know how much money to collect for giving the PCC. I dunno what happened, finally the guy said its 50/- per head. I wonder how a person can be so confused about how much amount to collect when he’s been doing the same job there for years. We guessed they were trying to fool us and collect more money initially. Then we had to go the Manipal Police station again where we have to write the Statement that we do not have any criminal record. It’s unbelievable how silly the whole process sounds. I still do not understand why all this non-sense is required. Govt. of India has time for useless things many a time but not for changing the system because it has been in place for so many years. I pity the poor people who have come for the same purpose as we did to the SPO and got looted of their money and sent after a long processing delay. I hate the way Indian Government functions. In Manipal Police station, there’s again not one person who feels responsible for his job. Nobody seems to care if we were waiting for a long time. Finally I got frustrated and irritated the police by asking them when we could leave as we had an exam, the constable took us to the main police inspector. He told us what all documents to submit and when to come and collect the certificate. It was as simple as that but the people who work below him do not know anything. Its shameful that very unqualified persons are filling the jobs in police stations these days. This is just one story. If I share my experiences about the Indian system, it would be a book that I have to write.

Exams have begun

My 1st end sem exam of the 6th semester took place yesterday. I had digital communication in the afternoon from 2-5 in the sticky Old building with power cuts as often as possible and the fan, just far away from me. My brain had stopped working during the exam. Even before the exam, I felt like I forgot everything I studied so hard. It was so goddamn difficult to remember those derivations and stuff. You can’t imagine how many equations freaked me out. I was lucky to have come out of the exam hall relieved that I wouldn’t have to give this exam ever again in my life.

Movies in India

I’ve always liked Russell Peter and his stand up comedy. I like the way he brings so many unknown and obscure issues to the front. We are very much aware that these kinds of things happen to us but never bother to question ourselves. We seem to just accept the system as it is. Be it a political system or the film industry. The bollywood movies as told by Russell Peters are seriously overrated and are filled with over-action. Still people like them because of the great looks that the actors possess. Bollywood is nowhere in competition with hollywood. The kinds of movies that are value-based and and cause based are becoming rare. The stories are depicting false truth most of which is twisted. Some movies meant for entertainment are good. Its time that we make better movies, which appeal to a greater audience worldwide.