I am in Hyd right now for my holidays. M first day in Hyd began with a warm welcome my sis and dad gave in the new Swift DZire. It’s a great car and very spacious. I liked it a lot. More about it l8r. Now, about the day when I started my journey home…..

22nd May… the day I would never forget

Unfortunately the same morning i e 22nd morning, there was a plane crash at Bajpe airport(this is the name for Mangalore airport) and 160 people died. My friends who had to take flights that day were stranded at the airport and had to go by other means to their homes. It was raining in the morning and I didn’t expect something as ghastly as this to happen. Surprisingly, I sent my friend in order to overawe him that his flight might get cancelled due to the rain but my train would start on time. It so happened that his plane got cancelled altogether and I felt very awkward after getting to know this from Amitesh(that’s my friend at the airport whose flight got cancelled).

The train from Mangalore to Yeswantpur was pleasant and I didn’t get tired due to the beautiful picturesque setting trough which the train was passing. The valleys and hills that we can see from the train were awesome and I could even see the ghat road on which I traveled 3 years back while coming to Manipal at first (I never took the route later due to my hatred towards bus journey on ghat roads). I reached Yeshwantpur at 1925. The train was on time though it started 40 minutes late at Mangalore. It was raining in Yeshwantpur and I and my friend decided to have dinner n the time we had before our next train.   We had dinner in the plastic covers (on the platform) in which my friend had got the food packed from the restaurant. We then headed towards the much awaited destination of Hyderabad after 5 full months of a hectic semester (This was the longest sem so far for my batch- usually its 4 to 4.5 months long). The first day at Hyd in next post..


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