Home sweet home

23rd.. the dream day arrives I came home in the new Swift DZire elated and exhausted. My mom had a felicitation ceremony at Ravindra Bharathi, so she was not at home. She came in the afternoon and said that the function was a grand success. She works as a Senior Grade Annoncer in All India Radio, Hyderabad. She’s about to get retired this month end.  In the evening a pre-retirement party was organised by my mom’s colleagues at work in a newly opened restaurant called The Mooch. It is cosy for 10-15 people. One of my mom’s colleague’s celebrated his birthday at Mooch and we had a great time. Some of her lady colleagues recollected some old and famous Telugu songs and began singing. It was the first time I witnessed so many uncles and aunties sing at a party like this. We had the famous Double ka Meetha sweet after dinner with ice cream and departed. I was exhausted after having large amount of food. I rested on my cosy bed(which is now the floor because of the heat wave in Hyderabad) and looked forward to another great day of my holidays.


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