LRDE blues 1

My experiences with LRDE have so far been cordial and welcoming. Doing a project at LRDE will take you to the stars if you are serious about it but if you are chilling out and are not interested towards your work, it is a classic waste of time.

The scientists in the department I am working under are very sincere and extremely intelligent. The demand sincerity in the work we do. My guide is a very strict and serious person. He is very sincere and expects a lot from me and my friends.

Many a time, we feel we are overburdened with the work. But LRDE is a very prestigious organisation and we are putting our maximum efforts to finish the training successfully. Sometimes, we don’t even keep track of time. The scientists at LRDE are also the same. They work incessantly and it looks like nobody wants to go home.

Since I want to become a scientist, I should get used to this way of life, i e of getting immersed in the work. There’s no other word than a ‘workaholic’  to describe the scientists at LRDE.

More about my experience …. will take time…


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