Issue essay 2

The value of ancient works cannot be determined because the ancient standards cannot be known and the modern standards cannot be used.

Old is gold, goes a famous saying. Anything or anyone old has gained a lot of experience in life and of life. So have the ancient works by great scholars of ancient times. They cannot be subjected to comparison, i e whether they are right or wrong and good or bad and this is basically because the modern standards against which they are compared are not relevant. Also they cannot be compared with the ancient standards as they are not known. 

The ancient works are the ones that were written by great sages and scholars of ancient times. They were written keeping in mind the circumstances and situations relevant to that period of time. They are very useful to us even today because they are very logical and explain the good things in life. They are definitely not to be judged using modern standards because ours is a dynamic life and the world is rapidly adapting to changes. So modern standards are also changing time to time. The ancient works like the grammar by Panini, the great grammarian of ancient India, the Ayurveda and the methods of ancient surgery and surgical tools by the famous Charaka and Sushrutha are invaluable and will always be appreciated by modern doctors and grammarians. The ancient standards are very difficult to obtain or we can say that the ancient standards are not known because the works were written some thousands of years ago. They were considered very sacred and of utmost importance. So we can expect that the standards would have been stringent and tough and if we are able to appreciate them today it is solely because of those ancient standards. Though the standards cannot be known, we can know from the works that they were up to the mark. 

As an example we can say that the ancient work of Ayurveda is considered and even used to this day. It cannot be judged by modern standards because it is an invaluable ancient method of curing  diseases. The Ayurvedic techniques have been successful for a long time and they cannot be judged by modern standards. Even today many allopathic doctors turn  to Ayurveda when they do not find answers.

Other ancient works like the Ramayana by the great sage Valmiki and the epic Mahabharatha by sage Veda Vyasa are to this day one of the classics from which stories have been told and retold. They are ultimate works of Indian sages of ancient times that to this day are revered and they cannot be judged by modern standards. They have been passed down the line of sages and have withstood the tests of time and we still have great people working on these sacred works for their doctorates in philosophy.

The ruins of the Harappa and Mohen-jo-daro along the Indus river have seen some of the greatest architectures of all time. The people of Harappa and Mohen-jo-daro had excellent drainage systems and it is to this day considered one of the best in the world. They didn’t have to undergo scrutiny by modern standards for being what they are. It is not possible to judge the ancient works and they will withstand the test of time for generations to come and will remain eternal forever. They do not require judgement from any source be it ancient or modern since they are epitomes of human civilisations and human values.


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