Issue essay

An idea, no matter how great, is meaningless unless it is implemented.

My response essay:

The topic says that even if one has a great idea inmind, it would be ineffective and useless unless it is vented out and put into practice. We know that all ideas are figments of man’s imagination and thus they are to be nurtured and nourished and in order for people to know what you think about, you have to implement those fresh ideas. We have seen many inventions in this century. The internet, for example is a great invention and it was conceived by people who had an initial idea of making communication along the globe, fast and cheap. We have several examples to quot to prove that the ideas are effective only when put into practice.

We know that people have used the potter’s wheel for a long time and because of that the Neanderthal man had an idea that the wheel could be used for transport also. Now, if he just pondered over the idea without actually going out and bring a bullock or any other farm animal for using the wheel, we wouldn’t see the modern transport systems across the world today. 

Also, if we really think about the ideas, we can quote this example right now too. In the GRE, in the analytical writing assessment, a topic is given on which the students are required to write an essay. Unless students pen down their ideas, nobody would know what the student was thinking. The ideas would just stay in the mind becoming a burden sometimes, over time. And to state that there would be no essay in front of you to read now would not be an overstatement.  The results can be perceived well only of concrete ideas that have become successful upon implementation.

As another example, we can say that Sir Isaac Newton would have been devastated if he was not able to implement his idea of gravity by making a theory which explained the strong force of gravitational attraction between all heavenly bodies.  He had implemented the idea at that time and so we get to perform so many experiments even today to prove that the value of the gravitational constant is 9.8m/s/s.

Madhavan Nair, the ex-chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation had the idea of sending an indigenously made spacecraft to the moon and after years of arduous efforts we got to see the Chandrayaan lift off last year.

A more recent idea was that conceived by the students of Harvard University who wanted to harness the energy from the world’s most popular sport- soccer. The students had a battery and a generator placed inside the football and whenever the ball experiences a ‘kick’ the battery within gets charged and it can later be used for charging the mobile phones etc. Though it is in the prototype stages now, it had been implemented and its impact can be felt now. We can have batteries charged cheaply once it becomes a commercial product and what is more, even electricity is spared at its expense.

Thus, as we all know the famous proverb “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, inventions happen only if ideas are put in practice. So whenever we get an idea it is best if we work towards its implementation rather than letting it remain latent inside the wonderful brain.  So ideas are the stepping stones for success.


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