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A Ray of HOPE

It is hard to believe that the LAPD of the California was so irresponsible and went on to take severe measures and took harsh action on the victims and citizens who voiced against it. It is clear that the US civil police is the same as India’s present police. All this is coz I am greatly moved by the movie i recently watched- ‘Changeling’ directed by Clint Eastwood. Angelina had done an excellent job as the mother of Walter Collins.  In this 2 and  half hour movie, the story takes us from the missing of the Collins child to uncover a child serial killer. It is painful  to see the pangs of a young mother being harassed by the police for not conforming with them. I did not know that the police  replaced the missing child with a “fake”. The movie is worth a watch and its crux lies in the climax. The mother, Angelina says she had begun to HOPE that her child would return to her one day and that keeps her alive.  We mustlearn this from the movie-  never lose hope even if faced with the toughest of circumstances. We must just hope that we would be entitled to our life’s happiness if we are hopeful.


Unknown to me (before MIT)

1. Wearing T-shirts(true, though unbelievable)
2. Girls who talked incessantly
3. Place where it rains non-stop for a week (in my 1st year)
4. Guys who stretched their voices for singing beyond the limit
5. No bath for weeks guys (few of them r my friends)
6. Seniors who are less terrorising(most of them, I feared)
7. Fines and mass bunks and fines for massbunks
8. Friends who are so close that they tease u and then console u
9. Packing, unpacking, cartons carrying heavy loads when you’re the last to leave hostels
10. Calling any unknown person akka/boss
11. Having chat(phuchka) regularly after each end sem exam

May the neighbor cope up

Pakistan is our neighboring country presently in great distress because of its inundating floods. Over 2 million people have lost their lives and many more are homeless. It is a pitiful situation from which Pak is trying to cope with great difficulty. I know that the Pak is one of India’s many enemies in this era but when comes to offering someone help, we must always be two steps ahead and it would be great on India’s part to offer huge assistnce to Pak. Whether Pak accepts it or not is immaterial. They need to understand the warmth of ther neigour and assist India in bringing the grisly perpetrators of the Mumbai attack from its country to justice. Pak should learn a lot and stop giving resistance. I feel that when Pak understands the distance it is maintaining in helping India, it would be prosperous once more. It is just my opinion and not an anathema.

My GRE and the long absence

I have given my GRE today and scored a 1320 which, according to me is quite disappointing. The essay section was quite tedious and I had to rack my brains for getting valid points. There was this 10 minute break in the middle in which I came out to meet my parents but was not allowed to talk to them. I had to gesticulate with them and went back to finish the remainder of the exam. The verbal was shocking as I could not decipher the long passages at all despite the great practice sessions I had for myself. I had 2 RCs back to back and they bogged my mind. I was so unlucky that I was getting easy questions in the end by which time I came to know that my performance was average. Quant was okay and overall it was satisfactory though not exceptional. I advise to prepare for longer durations without distractions to get better score, ie score>1400.