My GRE and the long absence

I have given my GRE today and scored a 1320 which, according to me is quite disappointing. The essay section was quite tedious and I had to rack my brains for getting valid points. There was this 10 minute break in the middle in which I came out to meet my parents but was not allowed to talk to them. I had to gesticulate with them and went back to finish the remainder of the exam. The verbal was shocking as I could not decipher the long passages at all despite the great practice sessions I had for myself. I had 2 RCs back to back and they bogged my mind. I was so unlucky that I was getting easy questions in the end by which time I came to know that my performance was average. Quant was okay and overall it was satisfactory though not exceptional. I advise to prepare for longer durations without distractions to get better score, ie score>1400.


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