May the neighbor cope up

Pakistan is our neighboring country presently in great distress because of its inundating floods. Over 2 million people have lost their lives and many more are homeless. It is a pitiful situation from which Pak is trying to cope with great difficulty. I know that the Pak is one of India’s many enemies in this era but when comes to offering someone help, we must always be two steps ahead and it would be great on India’s part to offer huge assistnce to Pak. Whether Pak accepts it or not is immaterial. They need to understand the warmth of ther neigour and assist India in bringing the grisly perpetrators of the Mumbai attack from its country to justice. Pak should learn a lot and stop giving resistance. I feel that when Pak understands the distance it is maintaining in helping India, it would be prosperous once more. It is just my opinion and not an anathema.


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