Teachers for life

Teacher’s Day, a day when we revere our teachers. This was the custom at school. We had a large function arranged for teachers where they would play games and spend some fun time with the students. It was basically a teacher’s day off at school. We loved our teachers so much when we were at school. Each one was a different role-model to me. I had learnt a lot from my teachers at my school. My social studies teacher, apart from teaching World History and Geography used to tell us stories of the World Wars so interestingly as if they were being fought right in front of us. Our social teacher of 5th and 6th class, Mrs. Anitha used to take us to various countries in Africa merely by making us close our eyes and giving enthralling description of the surroundings of those thick evergreen forests in Zaire, the birds, animals, the rain etc. We actually were in Zaire, when she described it. I can never forget my teachers wherever I am. They have formed the basis of my high school and primary education, which is of utmost importance as it teaches the basics of any subject. My teachers have not only given me education, but also inspiration to pursue challenging careers. I love my teachers and I wish to repay them by bringing laurels to them.


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