T M A Pai and his dream which came true- Manipal

He is the creator of Manipal University, Manipal. He was of the opinion that a body would function if it has all the necessary organs; in the same way a University would function if it had a diverse stretch of institutions. I feel this is what makes Manipal a global learning village. Mann=mud and Palla=pond in Tulu; metamorphosis caused the name to become today’s Manipal.

Tonse Madhav Ananth Pai – 30/4/1898 to 29/5/1979

Some quotes of T M A Pai which inspire young minds like ours:

All well conceived ideas implemented with great dedication, devotion and dynamism get people’s support and co-operation


Drops of water make the mighty ocean. Things individually beyond the reach of accomplishment become miraculously easy with collective effort. Though you cannot float a needle on the back of a single drop, the heavy burdens of world trade are carried on by the ocean.


Any human activity has always a small beginning and as good work turned out each year gets multiplied, the promoters themselves feel surprised at the result.


A problem is something to be solved, an obstacle is something to be overcome.


A nation’s progress is measured in terms of those citizens who are honest and upright in character.


Educated and enlightened children are an asset not only to the family but to the whole nation.


A key in constant use is smooth and shining. Similarly if we keep ourselves constantly active, our body retains its poise and harmony.


Love is the greatest power of life. No evil can conquer love. Of you are able to win the love of the people you are on your way to become a leader.


If the interval between birth and death  can be well used to cultivate friendships and do good to one another, life acquires a purpose.


The T M A Pai museum, which was initially the residence of Dr. T M A Pai when he was alive, is a haven of inspiration for young students. The entry to the museum is free and it contains the belongings of Dr Pai and his memories that linger in the rooms he lived stay fresh. People wondered how a man with such futuristic vision lead such a simple life in a simple house like this. A must visit before any student leaves Manipal.



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