Life I came to know of lately- Reefs and Shallow seas

Some stunning facts

  • The Pygmy Sea horses – the smallest sea horses of size about 2 cms settle their disputes in a unique way- by Head Butting
  • The Banded sea kraits- a kind of sea snakes lay their eggs on the land and go deep into the sea to hunt- they paralyse their victim by biting them and injecting their venom. 
  • The wonderpus octopus has such a powerful bite that it has a special warning display to tell others to keep out of its way.
  • Sea grasses are the only flowering plants that take root in the seas and they can transform the sea bed into an underwater meadow- the largest expanse grows in the shallow waters of Shark Bay in Western Australia and support herds of Dugongs- largest herbivores in the sea. 
  • Tail slapping is often used by Dolphins to stun their prey- the dolphins use shallow seas to hunt and they reach the shores of beaches for their prey- simply marvellous – such intelligent creatures!
  • In the desert of Bahrain- where its so hot, only panting helps the sea birds to overcome fatal overheating. They raise their young ones on the desert and save them from the pecking of the neighboring birds. 
  • Amazing- the mother whale and its calf send sound signals to communicate with one other above the roar of the ocean by flapping fins on the surface. pic of 15 m long group
  • Sea lions are mammals that are so agile that they can get whatever food they want
  • Urchins fell large areas of kelp forests and form urchin barrens.
  • Sand dollars flat sea urchins and act as a defense against sunflower star fishes but fail and are left with their white skeletons.

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