My first experience with VSO

I am a member of the Voluntary Service Organisation of Manipal University and I am proud to be one. This organisation has accomplished organising countless activities for children, old people and many others in the 3 years after its inception. It is just an  awesome experience to be a part of this community. Last week I went to the Paediatric ward of the Karturba Medical Hospital to play with children who have been admitted for various ailments. It is so stunning to play with those little kids and their happiness is enough to fill your appetite for a lifetime. Such innocent children playing with us is a very touching experience. I blew balloons and distributed them to children and played with them, made them colour the pictures using crayons and it was fun. It was like being a child again to play with them. It gives me a lot of relief from the mundane college life. “You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.”  ~Franklin P. Jones. Childhood is the most important phase in our life as it forms the basis for the other phases. If we can help make someone’s childhood days memorable, it is a great achievement. It is true- try it if you don’t believe me. Join VSO today! 


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