Its time for some change

We all know how nature has wreaked havoc in lives of innocent people. That’s primarily because we have no respect for nature or its resources. We exploit anything that comes for free. Too much exploiting has hurt nature. It takes its revenge in forms that are life threatening to human species.  Innocent people having been bearing the brunt of our senseless activities of cutting down trees, dumping sewer and toxic wastes into perennial rivers and global warming on a large scale.  They have been suffering for all sins that we people in industrialised nations are committing. We have to learn that any life is precious and we must take responsibility for the faults we have done. Tsunami has washed away many lives, the floods and rains in AP and norhtern states have taken many more lives in the country. We ought to repent for our sins. We humans have a strange and crazy mentality. Brain is over utilised due to the following thoughts. We tend to think a lot about our happiness and our life which often makes us selfish. We are not happy if we have a single car. We need another to travel or to show case the world of our stature. We are not happy when we travel by foot or public transport. We need to use a two-wheeler- use a bicycle instead- get a life! Can’t we stay happy with vegetarian food? Do we really need to have an other living being to satiate our hunger? Don’t we bother about the millions across the globe who cannot even get a meal a day?  We must ask ourselves- Can’t we live in a simpler way? Do we have to show everyone our riches and lead a life or does it suffice to lead a simple life? Life is God’s gift and it hurts to know that others’ lives are in danger because of our deeds. What are we if not murderers in an indirect way? Why do we need to live this way when so many suffer? Can’t we afford a small change in our life for others’ sake? Lets be the change and see the change we would like to see. Lets start living a simple life. Lets see if the world can become any better than it is right now. Lets see if we can change some aspect of our life(for example we can start with become vegans) and see the change in the world!


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