Sringeri- the abode of Peace

I am a travel-lover and have visited many places in India. Most of them were famous holy shrines. I visited the Tirupathi temple, the Vaishno Devi shrine and also the Kalighat in Kolkata but have never found so much peace as I found in the Sharada Devi temple at Sringeri. Sringeri is a small town close to Manipal– its 105 kms from Manipal, i.e a 3 hour journey by bus. The beautiful bus journey takes you via hills that bring you closer to the clouds, beautiful streams and forests filled with sandalwood trees. The journey via the Western Ghats really amazes an amateur traveler too. It is a very dull scene when you get to the bus stand at Sringeri but the temple is one of its kinds. You find the temple teeming with people from all parts of Karnataka and other states. Sringeri is the site of the first Matha established by one of ancient India’s greatest philosophers and proponent of the Advaita philosophy- Sri Adi Shankaracharya. The story about how Adi Shankara chooses this spot for establishing one of the four Mathas in the four directions is a remarkable one and truly represents divinity and values. One can enjoy the scenic view of the river Tunga when one gets to the temple. It flows just by the river and provides a very pleasant view. There is this Sri Vidya Teertha Sethu(bridge) built across the Tunga river. When one enters the temple of Sri Sharada Devi, the pilgrim finds it irresistible to leave the place. There is never a long queue in this temple and the Goddess is so lively in the idol.

The sanctity of the temple stimulates the pilgrim to sit and meditate before the Goddess. It gives eternal happiness to a pilgrim who visits the temple for the first time. A must visit shrine for all pilgrims who visit the Udupi Krishna temple.


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