Become a Leader, give some Hope !

One splits to two- but whats’s new?
YSR has been the Chief Minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh for a long time and his son is now running the race with great ferocity for the next Chief Minister post. He has no idea what he is doing; he wants to rule the state and that’s it. It doesn’tmatter to him if he is defying the Centre’s commands or going against the constitution. Sonia Gandhi has been “attacked” on his channel, the Sakshi TV and the Late YSR’s loyal supporters have taken to the streets in protest for the news telecast on the channel. If this is the situation with AP and its not surprising to say that this has been the situation for the past one year, how will the people of AP believe any “politician” ever again? If politics stoops so low and people use the media to publicise their strong feelings in an abusive and anti-constitutional way, how will the citizens have any interest to vote? Politicians behave not like humans but as mad people bitten by rabid dogs in Andhra Pradesh. Youth has to try and make a change by taking up active role in politics and lend a helping hand to the people of the State, who are in distress. Politicians in the democracy of AP State are not people’s servants anymore. They have their personal battles to fight and the media is just a battlefield which shows us the meaningless fights. If one state cannot be handled properly by the government and then how can anyone expect to have peace when the state is split into two? It is quite obvious that politics has become a means to fill the pockets of politicians. They are no longer leaders. They are just immoral citizens greedy for wealth and property, while half the state is in distress due to damage caused by natural calamities and such. Service has no longer remained the motto of the government. If this continues, there’s no benefit in splitting the state into two. This would only attract more funds from the centre and by extension more debt to the World Bank while the money goes to the immoral people. Youth must not let this happen. Instead of supporting any party that they feel is fighting their cause, it would be better if they thought wisely, take advantage of the situation to serve the people and form a new party, which contains LEADERS and not Politicians. If this is done, then I doubt if there would be any problem in the state.

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