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A day to retrospect (the decade that was!)

We were 12 years a decade ago and we all are aware of the changes our life has  taken. We have taken shape as individuals leaving our silly, confused, bubbling teenage behind. All those years are memories we long cherish and move forward. We are now the responsible citizens who understand the politics of our nation and the world. We are now more geared up to face the world. We have developed more insight into the mundane events in life. We have overcome so many hurdles to make a mark for ourself in this society. We now are the future of India. We have more responsibility than our ancestors for developing a noble society. The values that we have developed during our childhood and teen years are the base on which we stand now and build our future. We need to take every step from now onward with great ‘skill’ and care. Skill comes before care because of the dynamically changing society, which has become the result of brainstorming ideas in all fields that influence us. We ought to exercise skill for the decisions we make and place foot on firm ground.  Steps for future will be strong when we develop a sense of responsibility to change with the world. This change has always been noted for the societal good. When we change ourselves in a ‘good’ way, we see the change in a ‘good’ way in the society. Thus it is necessary to use the ken of knowledge we have, to build skyscraping architectures of beautiful lives. Lets work together for bettering each other’s lives. Lets be responsible citizens from now on. The country needs our services in this unpredictable age and we ought to do good and be good to reform the society. Lets be innovative, creative and imaginative in working for development of a strong nation. Lets not give in to illegal, immoral practices and be truthful citizens that our motherland is proud of having produced. Jai Hind! Love my India, love my Indians.


The story of tiny ‘tots’

We all know matter is made up of atoms and atoms are constituted by electrons and the nucleus. Since these electroncs are
always in motion in materials called ‘semi conductors’ their properties are very important. Materials that fall in the IV A
Group of the Periodic table are termed as semiconductors. There is a certain energy that is to be attained by the electrons
to become free from the atom. Electron movement is the one that causes current in a wire or for that matter in
anyconducting body. If we consider the power of electrons as compared to any other material particle, electron almost
always wins the race of being the particle that is responsibble for most phenomena in the atoms. The fact that
nanotechnology is the buzz word of today is because of these tiny tots ‘electrons’. It is no surprise if we notice
nanoparticles, which basically constitute atoms of various materials, in cancer therapy and other medical fields. This kind
of integration of electronics with medicine is mostly a breakthrough that has been made possible by Nanotechnology. What we
see in this physical world is the large scale picture of the atoms and electrons. When we want to capture the image of a
picturesque location, we use a digital camera and the image size would at max be a few MB. If we were to observe the same
picture under a Scanning Electron Microscope, it would consume a whole lot of space of the order of more that TB and may be
a power that has no name. Working in the field of nanotechnology naturally is very exciting and there are excellent
opportunities for people who choose this field of study. India is yet to emerge as a nation that is captivated by the
nano-‘bug’ but countries such as Singapore, USA, Switzerland and  Japan have started this revolution and are not
intertwined in a competetion to be the best in this era of super fast computers and atomic processors. Since Nanotechnology
is an inter-disciplinary field it requires understanding of concepts from various branches of study and this would
definitely be a challenge for the researchers. Research in this field will go to very great heights though it might take
some time to take shape.

Facing the bitter truth: “Kadva Sach”

The Wikileaks founder, the 39-year old Julian Assange, has this website called that has published some cables relating to information of the US and other countries’ governments. They were found to be confidential information. The US didn’t like this at all. It wanted revenge. A country taking revenge on a man is not a big hurdle in its way. The truth that Assange has found was displayed to the public on his website. This might be to popularise his website or for any other monetary reason. But the information has damaged the reputation of the US, which has a firm foot in the world politics. It has enabled the arrest of  Assange on account of reputation damage. But Assange, who is out on bail and after paying a lumpsome amount, says he has just released 2000 cables of the alleged 15000 cables. If this is the case, then the benefits of dark secrets revealed would be to the terrorists and other anti-social groups who plan to use this vital information for future misdeeds. It would then form the story where ‘When two persons quarrel, the third person gains’. The US has to handle this situation after giving it deep thought lest it slips from its hand. The truth has to be faced and US must behave in a diplomatic way, as it always does. It must find a solution to this problem before more cables damage the reputation and spill the beans from the magic bottle of wikileaks.

India is rich, but why are the people still poor?

There is no need to state the mundane facts of our politicians and their bank balances. They have money enough to feed the poorest of the poor villages in India. Some 20 to 30 generation of their families can have a lavish lifestyle using that money. What makes them people’s representatives? Why do they not spend the money and instead store them in Swiss bank accounts and wire them to banks abroad? They are cowards afraid of their motherland and their own lives. They are cowards as they live lives of fear that one day they will be caught. We see these scams on a daily basis and it is being covered extensively by all kinds of media. The politicians have been exposed for their corruption and are being made accountable for the illegal possessions. Still there is no benefit for the poor (BPL) citizen of this ‘rich’ nation. Farmers still face problems with unseasonal rains, floods, drought and electricity. Almost all departments of the government of India has been the victim of corrupt politicians. It is time we, the youth of India find a solution to this problem, greater than terrorism. This ‘Money terrorism’ is a greater threat to the country that was once considered prosperous by the British than the Al Queida or LeT. Politicians are so busy filling their banks and caring less and even less day by day for the people who elected them. It is high time we, the youth react strongly to this injustice. We must place our firm feet in the arena and wash out the ‘dadas’ of corrupt India. We must mobilise more and more students to take up political sciences and gather more information about the backgrounds of politicians. We must expose the corrupt politicians and the money they have earned must be accounted for. It is a real shame to see India ranking high in the list of most corrupt nations of the world. We would never forgive our government when one day, we realise that India stands for corruption. It would reflect on the values we stand for. India has been a land of sages and great thinkers of the ancient and contemporary ages. They have led simple lives and brought great name to the country. They have served our country and we take pride in naming those leaders or educationalists today. The politicians of today are not leaders and they need to step down for a better future of this country. We have all the potential to become a great nation but the corruption at all levels is pulling us down. It is not hackneyed if this fact is mentioned everyday in the newspapers or repeatedly telecast in news channels. This must stop and we must put an end to this. Lets use the internet to expose the rats of Indian politics and their illegitimate possessions. We deserve a better future than what we would have tomorrow. So do the poor people; there would be no such thing as below poverty line if the bank accounts of those corrupt animals were emptied of all the illegal payments.

My Grandfather

The last couple of days in my life have been the most melancholy days so far. I have never witnessed death in the family and it is a painful experience; it is very difficult to live with, when you realise the absence of someone close in your life. I miss him so much now. He passed away while having his lunch. I dedicate this webspace on my blog to my grand dad, who I most revered.

Person Perfect – 1

He is a real inspiration for all youngsters of today. We need to learn perfection and attitude towards life from him. ‘He’ is the Additional Commissioner of Traffic, Hyderabad, C V Anand, who cleared the UPSC in his first attemptat the age of 22 and went on to become an IPS officer. He is a very passionate cricketer and an avid lover of his job. This made him implement many policies that have helped many parts of Andhra Pradesh. His services were recognised by the Govt of India and he was awarded the President’s Gallantry award in 2001 and he also received the Indian Police Medal in 2008. He is an all-rounder, to put it in the combined word format. He is always full of ideas and he never rests till his policies are implemented. He was the mastermind behind the implementation of e-challan system in Hyderabad to collect fines easily. He was the person behind the prevention of the suicides around Hussain Sagar lake and he was the one who dynamically solved the case of Krushi Cooperative Bank scam during his tenure in the Crime Investigation Department. India needs more men like him for implementing policies and for rising the flag for a transparent system of justice. India should be proud of such people and youngsters like us should follow such persons’ footsteps. Its our generation that has to take India forward now and lets prove that we are capable and ready for this generation’s challenges.sdditional commissioner of traffic

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