Person Perfect – 1

He is a real inspiration for all youngsters of today. We need to learn perfection and attitude towards life from him. ‘He’ is the Additional Commissioner of Traffic, Hyderabad, C V Anand, who cleared the UPSC in his first attemptat the age of 22 and went on to become an IPS officer. He is a very passionate cricketer and an avid lover of his job. This made him implement many policies that have helped many parts of Andhra Pradesh. His services were recognised by the Govt of India and he was awarded the President’s Gallantry award in 2001 and he also received the Indian Police Medal in 2008. He is an all-rounder, to put it in the combined word format. He is always full of ideas and he never rests till his policies are implemented. He was the mastermind behind the implementation of e-challan system in Hyderabad to collect fines easily. He was the person behind the prevention of the suicides around Hussain Sagar lake and he was the one who dynamically solved the case of Krushi Cooperative Bank scam during his tenure in the Crime Investigation Department. India needs more men like him for implementing policies and for rising the flag for a transparent system of justice. India should be proud of such people and youngsters like us should follow such persons’ footsteps. Its our generation that has to take India forward now and lets prove that we are capable and ready for this generation’s challenges.sdditional commissioner of traffic

More information regarding his achievements and life can be found @


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