Facing the bitter truth: “Kadva Sach”

The Wikileaks founder, the 39-year old Julian Assange, has this website called wikileaks.org that has published some cables relating to information of the US and other countries’ governments. They were found to be confidential information. The US didn’t like this at all. It wanted revenge. A country taking revenge on a man is not a big hurdle in its way. The truth that Assange has found was displayed to the public on his website. This might be to popularise his website or for any other monetary reason. But the information has damaged the reputation of the US, which has a firm foot in the world politics. It has enabled the arrest of  Assange on account of reputation damage. But Assange, who is out on bail and after paying a lumpsome amount, says he has just released 2000 cables of the alleged 15000 cables. If this is the case, then the benefits of dark secrets revealed would be to the terrorists and other anti-social groups who plan to use this vital information for future misdeeds. It would then form the story where ‘When two persons quarrel, the third person gains’. The US has to handle this situation after giving it deep thought lest it slips from its hand. The truth has to be faced and US must behave in a diplomatic way, as it always does. It must find a solution to this problem before more cables damage the reputation and spill the beans from the magic bottle of wikileaks.


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