Society in a “family”

I have visited my native place, Visakhapatnam and stayed there for the past 12 days. It has been a special experience for me and I would never forget it. I have developed the habit of learning at every step of my life; so the past few days have been a real learning experience for me. I stayed with my entire family which included my cousins and other close relations, like how a typical Indian joint family existed in olden days. I have learnt how to manage stuff I never knew how to, before these 12 days It has been a rewarding experience to get to know my relatives better and to spend time with my cousins, who I rarely meet. I have understood the value of relationships and their importance in life from my trip to Vizag. I have learnt how to be strong in trying situations from my dad. He has worked hard day and night this year end to keep the family intact and I have never seen him lose his cool. He was so very concerned about me as he was about some far off relatives. The situation for which I had to stay along with my relatives was a grieving one but it was a great experience because I have never seen the culture of a Joint family, though my father has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. All in all I had the opportunity to live the life of a real Indian(for 12 days), which I feel everyone must experience. The concept of Nuclear families is simpler in implementation but the values that a joint family can imbue in a child is the fruit that can be born only by staying in a joint family. I heartily wish everyone a prosperous New Year with their Joint Families! Don’t make Joint family system a thing of the past, save our culture for the future generations!


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