A new decade awaits!


We were 12 years a decade ago and we all are aware of the changes our life has  taken. We have taken shape as individuals leaving our silly, confused, bubbling teenage behind. All those years  were mere memories we can long cherish and move forward. We are now responsible citizens who understand the politics of our nation and the world; in fact we can take control of our lives with even more confidence. May this new decade bring in more self-confidence and more youth to take control of their society as well. Let us live for a cause, a better society. Let’s make this a year in which we do our best to stop cutting down of trees on roadsides, stop littering, spitting and smoking in public places, stop encouraging the government offices and mostly politicians who have made our country corrupt and any such anti constitutional activity that bothers us and that has pricked our conscience whenever we were victims of such acts. Lets condemn the government openly by constitutional means; we have the RTI at hand. Lets ask(demand) for information regarding the earnings of our so called ‘people’s representatives’ and expose more scandals that would rid our nation of corrupt officials and politicians. Lets not waste our money when we know its not being used for development! We are the country and we are the leaders.
We are now more geared up to face the world. We have developed more insight into the mundane events in life. We have overcome so many hurdles to make a mark for ourself in this society. We, now, are the future of India. We have more responsibility than our ancestors for developing a noble society. The values that we have developed during our childhood and teen years are the base on which we stand now and build our future. We need to take every step from now onward with great ‘skill’ and care. Skill comes before care because of the dynamically changing society, which has become the result of brainstorming ideas in all fields that influence us. We ought to exercise skill for the decisions we make and place foot on firm ground.
Steps for future will be strong when we develop a sense of responsibility to change with the world. This change has always been noted for the societal good. When we change ourselves in a ‘good’ way, we see the change in a ‘good’ way in the society. Thus it is necessary to use the ken of knowledge we have, to build skyscraping architectures of beautiful lives. Lets work together for bettering each other’s lives. Lets be responsible citizens from now on. The country needs our services in this unpredictable age and we ought to do good and be good to reform the society. Lets be innovative, creative and imaginative in working for development of a strong nation. Lets not give in to illegal, immoral practices and be truthful citizens that our motherland is proud of having produced. Jai Hind! Love my India, love my Indians.




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