Movie Review 1

I have watched the movie titled “Ananda Bhairavi” in Telugu recently and I liked it for its simplicity and the concept picturised by the Director, Jandhyala. I liked the scene in which “Narayana Sharma” the famous dance guru and expert in the Kuchipudi dancing style asks the parents of the Lower caste child to give their child to him in order to train her in the Classical dance form. The scene truly depicts what the state of the art at that time was and how women were not allowed to learn or perform the dance form in the society. Going against the rules and regulations set forth by the Temple authorities Narayana Sharma trains the child who goes on to become a great Kuchipudi dancer. She brings laurels not only to her guru but also to the village. The love between the son of Narayana Sharma and the lower caste Kuchipudi dancer was also beautifully conceptualised. Classical dance forms take a lot of practice/Sadhana and are most respected in foreign countries too. We must be proud to learn them and perform them so that future generations do not discontinue practicing these dance forms.


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