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Successful campaigning for a 2nd consecutive week!

We, at Voluntary service organisation, Manipal University plan to keep the city of Manipal very clean and I, as a coordinator for the campaign will mak sure that I do all that I can to make this happen. Our Clean Manipal Campaign Phase 1 week 2 today was a success, thanks to all volunteers of VSO who made this possible. We kept shouting slogans saying ‘Keep End Point clean’ and ‘I won’t be here every Sunday but the dustbuns will be’ and such to make the public aware of keeping the environment clean at End Point.

Siddharth Sethi at End Point during Clean Up Manipal operation
A volunteer eagerly waiting to educate visitors at End Point about the environment

We concentrated on educating people by speaking to them and telling them why they should keep End Point clean. It is the only natural ‘resource’ that Manipal has been left with and it won’t be long before the place would become like any other place in the center of the city with huge buildings being erected all around the place. Work is already going on near the district collector’s office and a large area of green land has been cleared for the purpose of the so called buildings. The beauty of end point is no longer going to be intact. Nobody realises how much they’re going to miss the old end point that was so peaceful and full of greenery. We are trying to contact officials high up in the Manipal University to help us at least keep the place clean.

Gloves and garbage bags provided to volunteers for the campaign by MSFM
Gloves and Garbage bags

The government has already burnt large amounts of ‘plant’ed area and is planning to get some office buildings erected and the route to end point has completely become dusty and there are large earth movers and other land clearing equipment that are such a big pain for the eyes. It is really sad that government does not appreciate the end point’s beauty as much as a fellow citizen does or a foreigner who visits it does. but there is simply nothing we can do about it. We, at VSO are doing as much as we can to keep the place clean and we hope more students help us in the process and make it their responsibility to keep their birth country clean, be it Manipal or Hyderabad.

A clear message from the Notice board on the sidewalk- mostly unnoticed
A clear message from the Notice board on the sidewalk- mostly unnoticed
The green notice board asking visitors to keep 'our environment' clean
Not noticed anymore, the board stand witness to tourists' littering and official building constructions that leave it sobbing and tired of getting to be noticed by people. It lies on the sidewalk from China Valley to End Point and outside the DC's office.

An evening of worth ! A Case Study of End Point, Manipal

Today I organised the Phase 1 of the Clean Manipal Campaign at the End Point in Manipal along Siddharth and Soumen. I and a group of 13 other volunteers met at the China Valley and had a little discussion about how we would like to start off this mini Pilot project and let it take off. I provided the volunteers who grouped themselves in twos and threes, a survey sheet that had questions that we wanted to ask the general public and get a feedback about the ways they use to keep their homes and surroundings clean and a garbage bag to pick the plastic lying around. We were motivated by our own volunteers, who showed a lot of enthusiasm and came up with so many ideas.  Even in the public, we have found some very responsible people who not only follow but also encourage others to follow and on the other hand we also found youth that were very irresponsible and did not follow our advice of throwing the empty plastic bottles in the dustbins. Some of the people talked to the volunteers (us) for quite some time and congratulated and thanked them  for doing this for a better society. There was a lot of discussion about ways to implement this campaign successdully in all parts of Manipal. Some of the senior faculty who came to End Point today for jogging gave us the suggestion to ask the shopkeepers to charge for the plastic bags that they provide the customers. If plastic is made costly, then people would get their own carry bags and that would save a lot of polythene and prevent non-biodegradable substance from entering our environment.

Clean and Green road
End Point of yore

We had a lot of positive reviews and feedback from the warm people who came to End point for a stroll or for spending time with nature. It is saddening though, to see that youth are the major polluters of this beauty spot. We ourselves are not serious about our surroundings and therefore the need for such campaigns. A foreigner has given us a great advice saying there are not many sign boards asking people not to litter around and that in his native country there were not only sign boards which asked people not to litter but also dustbins at very regular distances on the sidewalks of the roads, where people could throw  the trash into. If we can spend huge amounts of public money for building satellites then why not use some for sanitation too. Our surroundings define the way we present our country, so take care of your surroundings and when you have the energy to walk a few meters to reach a dustbin, please do, this is a service you are doing to keep the country clean. Act responsibly, be better citizens.

I thank all the volunteers who have turned up for the drive:

Siddharth Sethi

Soumen Adhikary

Anudeep Kaur Jassal

Areeba Basit

Sana Farooki


Malvika Patil

Poonam P K

Anjali Singh

Shital Mittal

Yukti Sareen

Subhraneil Kalita

Jehon Nojez

Harsh Kabra

I thank Savita Ma’am for the support and encouragement she gave us and the confidence she instilled in me to go ahead with the campaign.

Nanotechnology in Cancer research!

We are all aware that Nanotechnology is an inter-disciplinary field and it deals with the smallest particles in nature- atoms. The use of nanotechnology in various fields is also known to us. The application of Nanotechnology has reaped huge benefits and the most exciting field of research in the field of Nanomedicine is the cure of cancer. This kind of integrated approach where engineering and medicine can be worked upon in collaboration is the research of this generation’s scientists. Working in the field of Nanotechnology is not only exciting for its bright prospects but also due to the overall results it can produce after implementation.

Cancer research extensively can produce results and it’s definitely going to blow the minds of everyone when the cure is found. Cancer is a dreadful disease that has claimed many lives compared to lives lost due to other diseases. So it is high time we start fighting cancer. Cancer cells have the size of 10000 to 100000 nanometers and the nanodevices engineered in the laboratories are of smaller size in nanometers. So there is a great possibility that these devices attack the cancer cells and destroy them before they cause damage. This is a potentially high research-sensitive area and the final product can be obtained only after testing and product manufacture. Scientists are already working on nanobots and other nano devices that can carry anti cancer drugs to attack the exact site of cancer cells in the body.There is a lot of prospective study and research that is needed to come up with a drug that can act with the utmost precision and relieve the patient’s distress.