Nanotechnology in Cancer research!

We are all aware that Nanotechnology is an inter-disciplinary field and it deals with the smallest particles in nature- atoms. The use of nanotechnology in various fields is also known to us. The application of Nanotechnology has reaped huge benefits and the most exciting field of research in the field of Nanomedicine is the cure of cancer. This kind of integrated approach where engineering and medicine can be worked upon in collaboration is the research of this generation’s scientists. Working in the field of Nanotechnology is not only exciting for its bright prospects but also due to the overall results it can produce after implementation.

Cancer research extensively can produce results and it’s definitely going to blow the minds of everyone when the cure is found. Cancer is a dreadful disease that has claimed many lives compared to lives lost due to other diseases. So it is high time we start fighting cancer. Cancer cells have the size of 10000 to 100000 nanometers and the nanodevices engineered in the laboratories are of smaller size in nanometers. So there is a great possibility that these devices attack the cancer cells and destroy them before they cause damage. This is a potentially high research-sensitive area and the final product can be obtained only after testing and product manufacture. Scientists are already working on nanobots and other nano devices that can carry anti cancer drugs to attack the exact site of cancer cells in the body.There is a lot of prospective study and research that is needed to come up with a drug that can act with the utmost precision and relieve the patient’s distress.


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