Successful campaigning for a 2nd consecutive week!

We, at Voluntary service organisation, Manipal University plan to keep the city of Manipal very clean and I, as a coordinator for the campaign will mak sure that I do all that I can to make this happen. Our Clean Manipal Campaign Phase 1 week 2 today was a success, thanks to all volunteers of VSO who made this possible. We kept shouting slogans saying ‘Keep End Point clean’ and ‘I won’t be here every Sunday but the dustbuns will be’ and such to make the public aware of keeping the environment clean at End Point.

Siddharth Sethi at End Point during Clean Up Manipal operation
A volunteer eagerly waiting to educate visitors at End Point about the environment

We concentrated on educating people by speaking to them and telling them why they should keep End Point clean. It is the only natural ‘resource’ that Manipal has been left with and it won’t be long before the place would become like any other place in the center of the city with huge buildings being erected all around the place. Work is already going on near the district collector’s office and a large area of green land has been cleared for the purpose of the so called buildings. The beauty of end point is no longer going to be intact. Nobody realises how much they’re going to miss the old end point that was so peaceful and full of greenery. We are trying to contact officials high up in the Manipal University to help us at least keep the place clean.

Gloves and garbage bags provided to volunteers for the campaign by MSFM
Gloves and Garbage bags

The government has already burnt large amounts of ‘plant’ed area and is planning to get some office buildings erected and the route to end point has completely become dusty and there are large earth movers and other land clearing equipment that are such a big pain for the eyes. It is really sad that government does not appreciate the end point’s beauty as much as a fellow citizen does or a foreigner who visits it does. but there is simply nothing we can do about it. We, at VSO are doing as much as we can to keep the place clean and we hope more students help us in the process and make it their responsibility to keep their birth country clean, be it Manipal or Hyderabad.

A clear message from the Notice board on the sidewalk- mostly unnoticed
A clear message from the Notice board on the sidewalk- mostly unnoticed
The green notice board asking visitors to keep 'our environment' clean
Not noticed anymore, the board stand witness to tourists' littering and official building constructions that leave it sobbing and tired of getting to be noticed by people. It lies on the sidewalk from China Valley to End Point and outside the DC's office.

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