When the Sun and Rains fight for space in Manipal skies!

It is a blessing when this happens as most usually rains win over Sun in the battle. The first spell of the south-west monsoon during the end of a semester(and the end of the last semester for me ) is always pure bliss. Though the meteorology department has predicted the SW monsoon to hit the coast by 31st May, Manipal seems to have some aura that attracts monsoon early. It has been very welcoming to the monsoons and they just can’t wait to lay their hands on Manipal:)! The few spells of shower during the nights brought down the humid, hot weather of summer down by a lot of degrees. Thank you monsoon for making my last days at Manipal memorable! While all my juniors are struggling with end of semester examinations, we 4th years are bizzy giving our final project vivas and report submissions. The campus looks lively only when juniors come out of their nests for giving exams. It has been a very thrilling experience- studying at Manipal. I feel I made a very good decision by doing my project here at MIT Manipal.

Cloudee ski
Cloudee ski

Coming back, the rains have given a sigh of relief from the horrid torrid climate. They have always been a Manipalite’s escape to Paradise. The semester beginning with a spell of rain has captured many hearts and has even struck some chords and induced love! Manipal has turned from a heat sink to a blooming fantasy. It is my last few days in Manipal and I wish it rains like never before. Manipal has always been about the rains. We have enjoyed the rains to the fullest but they are always welcome. The pleasant and awesome climate welcomes yet another batch of students for the new academic year. Good Bye Manipal and Welcome aboard Newbie Manipalites! Have a true experience that is “Inspired by Life”!


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