Ekkadi Manusha Janmamu- Pedda Tirumalacharya Keertana 1


Ragam: Bouli
Language: Telugu (spoken majorly in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India)
Composer: Pedda Tirumalacharya (s/o Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya called ‘Pada kavitha Pitamah’)
Link of the rendition on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV6EewU9OOM


Ekkadi Maanusha Janmambetthina Phalamemunnadi;
Nikkamu ninne nammithi; nee chitthambikanu
(What is the fruit of this human life you have presented to me among the 84 lakh lifeforms? I am Your devotee alone and what You do with me is totally up to Your wish)

Maruvanu Aahaarambunu; Maruvanu Samsaara sukhamu;
Maruvanu Indriya Bhogamu; Madhava nee Maya
(Oh Lord Vishnu! You designed me in such a way that I don’t forget to eat, I don’t forget the worldy pleasures and I don’t forget sense gratification, all this is due to the illusion you created)
Maracheda sugyanambunu; maracheda tattva rahasyamu;
Maracheda guruvunu daivamu; Madhava nee Maya
(On the other hand, I forget the knowledge mentioned in our Vedas and Puranas i.e. knowledge about You, Lord Madhava, I forget that the secrets that help me discover You and I also forget my teachers and the deities, all this is due to the illusion you created)

Viduvanu paapamu punyamu; viduvanu naa durgunamulu;
Viduvanu mikkiliyaasalu; Vishnuda nee Maya
(I do not stop committing sins or conducting virtuous acts (the cycle of virtues and sins is building up on me) without realizing the reason for my existence- to reach You; I do not give up my bad qualities/habits; I do not let go of my excessive needs; all this is due to the illusion you created oh Lord Vishnu)
Vidicheda Shatkarmambulu; vidicheda vairagyambunu;
Vidicheda naachaarambunu; Vishnuda nee Maya
(I do not perform the 6 necessary activities of 1.performing and 2.moderating Yagna, 3.learning and 4.creating opportunity to learn the Veda near the Guru, 5.donating and 6.accepting donation as required; I do not exhibit dispassion/detachment to this worldly pleasures; I let go of the good practices laid in the sacred Vedic scriptures; all this is due to the illusion you created oh Lord Vishnu)

Tagileda bahu lampatamula; tagileda bahu bandhambula 
Tagulanu Mokshapu maargamu; Talapuna yenthainaa
(I get involved in so many activities cause me to be in relationships with many people i.e. my activities make me depend on so many people; I attach myself to several worldly relationships; I do not understand why, despite doing so many worldly activities I do not try to get onto the path to Salvation)
Agapadi Sri Venkateswara Antaryamivai 
Nagi nagi nanu neevelithi Naakaa ee Maya 
(I can see you before my eyes Lord Venkateswara, also you exist within me [as you are all-pervading]; And looking at my helplessness with (dealing of) the world of Maya you created, you laugh at me- I am your devotee, is this Maya necessary for me? I plea for your mercy to let me free from this Maya so I can realize the true meaning of this human life, to chant your name and reach you on the path of Salvation)

Thank you for reading this 1st attempt of my translation from Telugu to English. 


2 thoughts on “Ekkadi Manusha Janmamu- Pedda Tirumalacharya Keertana 1

  1. Tejasvi, your Telugu-to-english translations were quite accurate, i checked the charanam in particular. good work! hope to read more from you. cheers.

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