The Sunflower

Sunbee on a sunflower

Sunbee on a sunflower

The bright yellow color of the Sun flower. Botanical name is Helianthus Indicus. The sunflower is actually made of thousands of florets as you can clearly see from the picture above. It’s a compound flower.  There are a number of Sanskrit words for the Sunflower I found online.  They are of different genders (m=masculine; f=feminine; n=neuter). This signifies the beauty of the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is an ancient language in which all the sacred scriptures of Sanatana Dharma were written.  In Sanskrit, the Sanskrit language is called by many names but I like “GeervaaNa Bhaarati” or गीर्वाण भारति in Devanagari lipi. 
Sanskrit names for the Sunflower in Devanagari lipi. 
वरदा (f); सूर्यमुखी (f); श्रीहस्तिनी  (f); सूर्यकान्ति (m); तपनच्छद (m); भ्रामक (m); वराहकालिन् (m); विधात्रायुस् (m); वेषदान (m); सुपत्त्र (m); सूर्यकमल (n); मूलपुष्पिका (f); कुष्ठारि (m); सूर्यावर्त (m). 


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    Its a very good idea to spread your ideas and experiences with everyone which is very informative. I am impressed by the time you spent on building this blog of yours.
    I hope you give everyone useful information which will help them to know things which they dont…

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